BestableCam has just released SteadyGim3 RIDER 3 3-axis GoPro Stabilizer System recently.



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Published on Sep 29, 2014

Introducing HERO4 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever. Featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates, HERO4 Black takes Emmy award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. Incredible high-resolution 4K30 and high frame rate 1080p 120 video enable stunning, immersive footage of you and your world.

Features + Benefits:
• 2x the Performance - With improved image quality, a 2x more powerful processor and 2x faster video frame rates, HERO4 Black is the most advanced GoPro ever.
• Professional Video up to 4K30 - Records ultra high-resolution, high frame rate 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video.
• Fast, Powerful Photo Capture - Captures high-quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps.
• Built-In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth - Delivers enhanced connectivity to the GoPro App, Smart Remote.
• Protune —Now for Video + Photos - Cinema-quality capture and manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and more.
• Night Photo + Night Lapse - Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos.
• HiLight Tag - Mark key moments while recording for easy playback, editing and sharing.
• QuikCapture - Power on and record automatically with the press of a single button.
• SuperView - Captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view.
• Auto Low Light - Automatically adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance.
• High-Performance Audio - New audio system captures clean, high fidelity sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range.
• Improved Camera Control - New dedicated button enables quick access to camera settings. Simplified menus make navigating settings easier than ever.
• Ultra Wide-Angle Glass Lens - Enables engaging, immersive footage of you and your world.
• Selectable FOV - Three FOV settings—Ultra Wide, Medium and Narrow—allow for a broad range of perspectives.
• Durable + Waterproof to 131’ (40m) - Designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions.
• Wearable + Mountable - Enables immersive self-capture during your favorite activities.
• Compatible with all GoPro Mounts - 60+ mounts and accessories—and counting—for capturing a wide variety of perspectives and activities.
• GoPro App + Software - Control your camera remotely. View and share your content. Easily create gorgeous, GoPro-style videos.

What's Included:
• HERO4 Black Camera
• Standard Housing 131’ (40m)
• Skeleton Backdoor
• Rechargeable Battery
• Curved Adhesive Mount
• Flat Adhesive Mount
• Quick Release Buckles
• 3-Way Pivot Arm
• USB Cable

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The rumor mill is abuzz with speculation, but we have the first full scoop on the GoPro HERO4.

As many have reported, the two big features that are appearing are 4K video recording at 30FPS and a built-in touch display.

Unfortunately, these two features won’t be appearing in the same camera. Instead, there will be two models: the HERO4 Black (shown above) and the HERO4 Silver (shown below).



Hero 4 Black

The HERO4 Black is a powerhouse action camera that doubles the performance of the previous GoPro (yet again). Touted as “the most advanced GoPro ever,” it has improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor.

The Black will capture 4K video at 30 frames per second, up from the 15fps of previous GoPros, allowing for extremely high-quality footage that’s much more usable for a wide variety of applications.

Here are the available resolutions and frame rates: 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, 1440p at 80fps, 1080p at 120fps, 960p at 120fps, and 720p at 120fps. It appears these cameras are no longer capable of 240fps.

For still images, you’ll be able to capture 12 megapixel photos at 30 frames per second.



Audio capture is also improved, with the new system capturing 2x the dynamic range.

On the front of the camera is an ultra-wide angle glass lens, and the camera can be set to three different field-of-view settings: Ultra Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

There will be new manual settings for both photography and videography — controls such as color, ISO limit, exposure, and more.

The camera is waterproof down to 131 feet (40m). Other features include built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, exposure settings for nighttime shooting, a “HiLight Tag” feature for marking key moments in footage, a QuikCapture feature for powering up and recording with one button press, and auto low light features.

Regarding the issue of backward compatibility, the Black and Silver will both be compatible with all GoPro mounts and accessories.


Hero 4 Silver

The HERO4 Silver doesn’t offer 4K video recording, but it’s the first GoPro to offer a convenient built-in touch display.

Users will be able to control the camera, frame shots, and review content simply by tapping and swiping the screen.



On the video side, the Silver will be able to capture 4K at 15fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1440p at 48fps, 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 100fps, and 720p at 120fps.

For still photography, the Silver will match the Black with 12 megapixel photos at 30 frames per second.

The other features (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HiLight Tag, QuikCapture, waterproofing) are pretty much the same as the HERO4 Black.

Other Accessories

Other accessories to be announced alongside the HERO4 include: a blackout housing that gives your camera a matte black finish for stealthy and low-glare shooting, a removable battery pack that gives your GoPro more juice, a dual battery charger for juicing two packs simultaneously, a wearable waterproof remote, and a grip that keeps your camera afloat.

Pricing and Availability

We haven’t heard anything in terms of pricing and availability, but our source tells us that the official announcement date for the GoPro HERO4 cameras will most likely be October 8th, 2014.

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Michael Kintner CEO/Founder and Inventor of 360Heros Video and Photo Gear has offered a $5000.00 reward.  Watch the amazing video below as a historic 360 video shoot sunk (literally) thanks to one hungry shark. This incident occurred when a shark attacked some 360Heros Scuba Gear during a dive for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The shark's attempt to consume the camera gear has led to 360Heros offering a $5,000 reward for its return along with the historic footage it contains.As you can see in the video screen shot below, the 360Heros camera gear sank to the bottom of the ocean floor, taking with it what would have been the first 360 degree shark footage ever filmed. The lost equipment was one thing, but the loss of this video footage was a major blow to 360Heros' ambitions as trailblazers in the world of spherical video.  Rather than sweeping this failure under the rug, 360Heros CEO Michael Kintner told the story of this regrettable incident and used it to convey the message behind 360Heros and its products. When he speaks about this attack, he doesn’t dwell on the loss of equipment and resources, he wonders at the beauty of the 360 shot it nearly produced.



The diver you see in the video is ABC4FILMSAndy Casagrande IV, the man who was tasked with serving as this young company’s first “hero” in the 360 Video scuba field. Casagrande was the famous cinematographer with the big-time network who was going to take 360Heros and its product to new heights (or in this case, depths).




As you can our filters were lost to!



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The 55 mm URPRO Cyan (CY) filter utilizes URPRO's patented color-correcting technology. This filter is ideally suited for tropical blue salt water or clear fresh water at depths of 12 ft to 70 ft. We recommend the URPRO CY filter to divers traveling to a tropical island (i.e. Belize, Cozumel, Caribbean, Maldives, Bora Bora, etc.). All URPRO filters sold by SRP feature an ultra low-profile filter ring in order to limit mechanical vignetting.  You may purchase SRP products here


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Less Distortion: As users of the camera are well aware, the GoPro features an extremely wide angle lens to try and accommodate most action sports scenarios.  When filming, especially at the higher resolutions, this leaves the resulting image with an obvious ‘fish-eye’ distortion that can be undesirable to filmmakers.  With the option to change lenses any filmmaker can get the look they want for their shots without being restricted.

Depth of Field and Manual Focus:  The GoPro has a fixed focus lens, meaning everything is in focus from near to far.  To achieve a more cinematic look many filmmakers wish to use a more shallow depth of field, creating a ‘bokeh’ or blurred background and foreground.  By adding different lenses to the GoPro the user can now manually control the focus and F-stop to create the ideal look.

Zoom:  The GoPro Hero3 and 3+ have no option to zoom, especially during filming.  With a manual zoom or telephoto lens attached you can achieve sharp detail from a great distance, and perform zooming during filming.

Night Vision:  The Ribcage mod kit removes the IR cut filter from the GoPro, allowing the user the option of filming with or without the filter.  The benefit of this is, with the addition of an IR light source such as a battery powered IR LED panel, you get instant night vision!  All you ghost hunters out there can film in complete darkness and still control multiple cameras with the WiFi remote!

Use Your Old SLR Lenses:  How many of us have that old camera bag in the closet gathering dust? The optics and manual controls on most older SLR film camera lenses are excellent!  Why not breathe new life into them by using them on your GoPro Hero3?  With the proper adapter ring you can attach almost any popular brand of manual lens to our mod, including Canon, Nikon, Pentax and more!





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This year we did not have a booth, but were welcomed by the Manta Bay Resort, I have known Michael Kitner for almost a year, the developer of the 360 Hero system.  We were met by the lovely Scuba Diver Girls Margo & Stephanie, look out for there upcoming review on SRP products.  These are truly great people, Rich and the lovely Janice to.



Then my good friends from Shark Diver Magazine, Eli, Paul, and Martiza, also beautiful people and strong supporters of the SRP Product line.



Here is a sample video of the 360 Hero system created by Micheal, with the colour correction filters from SRP.

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Limba is Canada oldest elephant, thanks to MTKS & 5 Rivers Studio. A liitle taste of what these guys will be featuring in April of 2014. All aerial footage was taken by XproHeli XP2 quadcopter, XPG Gimbal & Colour Correction Marumi ND8 Filters from SRP. We are a unique aerial photography service firm looking to take on new clients. We specialize in low-altitude high definition video using a cutting edge remote controlled aerial platform. This allows us to offer breathtaking images of properties from unique angles that are sure to impress your clients. Immerse your clients in a full high-definition experience of your property, and a creative competitive advantage for your business.
For inquiries and RFQ's please contact us at 416-898-9400


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Snake River Prototyping is proud to announce the most versatile BlurFix adapter for the GoPro to date! The new BlurFix3+ 55 is compatible with the GoPro Hero3+ standard housing and accepts 55 mm filters. We are happy to say that the BlurFix3+ is backwards compatible, so our customers can continue using their favorite filters from the Original BlurFix (Hero and Hero2) and the BlurFix3 SO (Hero3 slip over for the Hero3 Backpack Compatible Housing). This newest adapter will ship in two configurations:

• BlurFix3+ 55
• BlurFix3+ 55 with URPro CYD 



The BlurFix3+ 55 integrates the best features of the original BlurFix (Hero and Hero2) and the BlurFix3 SO (Hero3 slip over). These features include the convenience of a slip-over adapter and the option to create a sealed space between the filter and housing lens. The BlurFix3+ 55 allows for wet filter operation just like the BlurFix3 SO, however, now you have the option of using one of the supplied o-rings to create a sealed space between the housing lens and the filter when used with standard 55 mm camera filters. The benefit of having the option of a sealed unit is that the user does not have to worry about water, snow, dust, or debris getting trapped between the housing and the filter! In addition to air, this design allows liquids to be sealed internally. Use of liquids such as alcohol sealed internally will ensure it doesn't freeze, and will eliminate any chance of condensation or fogging between lenses. This patent pending sealing mechanism creates a vacuum with air, or hydraulics with liquids, making a very secure hold on the adapter reducing the risk of accidental loss. A lanyard is included and an attachment point is located on the side of the adapter giving reassurance and convenience during use. When sealing the unit with air, one needs to be aware that it must be sealed in a dry, non-humid place or fogging may occur. We provide 3 different size o-rings for your convenience to seal with many filter manufacturers products. Not all filter manufacturers maintain the same spacing and dimensions. We hope to build a list of compatible filter types as we progress.

We designed this unit with divers in mind. Use without the front o-ring will expose two vent ports top and bottom allowing the cavity to purge creating a wet filter. These vents allow easy installation and removal both on land and underwater. The sealed method with air is not for use while diving, however the seal with liquid method may be used while diving. The sealed option of the BlurFix3+ 55 is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, wake boarding, surfing, humid environments, adverse weather conditions and so much more. We are proud to release this new BlurFix adapter as another first, further expanding the use of filters on your GoPro. We are excited to see what creative liquids our customers use for developing new effects. 

In addition to the new BlurFix3+ 55mm adapter, we have a new accessory. The BlurFix3/3+ holder allows you to store the filter on a Tray or anything you can bolt a 1/4" bolt through with the provided thumb screws or 1/4-20 fasteners. The beauty behind this design is one side holds the BlurFix3 SO (compatible with the Hero3 standard housing) and the other side holds the BlurFix3+ (compatible with the new Hero3+ standard housing). 

Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix3+ 55mm with URPro CYD (includes BlurFix3+ 55, URPro CYD, lanyard, rear o-ring, and 3 sizes of o-rings for the option of completely sealing the unit). The URPro CYD is not to be sealed, it is designed to be a "wet filter" having water on both sides.




Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix3+ 55mm (includes BlurFix3+ 55mm, lanyard, rear o-ring, and 3 sizes of o-rings for the option of completely sealing the unit)



Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix Holder. (includes BlurFix holder, two 1/4-20 thumb screws for mounting.) Compatible with the Hero3 and the new Hero3+.



Products will be avaliable Nov 8, 2013 @

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All footage was shot using the XP2, XPG and GoPro Hero 3.  Way to go Jared Leisek, best footage I have seen with the XPG Gimbal.  So proud to represent this company!



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