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InFocusHD has become the Canadian Distributor for XProHeli

Posted by Rakesh Singh on

X-Pro Heli is now able to supply hardware, technical assistance, training, and spare parts, without cross border hassles in Canada.  Throw a SRP polarizer or ND filter on your GoPro and take it to the sky.  XProHeli is comprised of videographers that identify the needs of novice aerial videographers utilizing GoPro's.  Videography based and GoPro oriented product line, in other words, a company that understood the needs of a videographer, and not one that just sells product. Secondly, the company must manufacture and service what it sells, provide tutorials/guidance to new users, and have a ready supply of spare parts. Finally, the company must be USA or Canada based.  This criteria was used for a couple of reasons. First, I felt that a company comprised of videographers could more capably identify and solve issues that novice aerial videographers would face. It could recommend what cameras can be flown in what multi rotor configurations, and address post production issues such as stabilizing footage or removing fisheye distortion. My emphasis on U.S.A.- based companies related to one critical issue -- parts concerns. Invariably, parts will break, and having readily available replacement parts is an important factor.  Problem solved with our new distribution center in Toronto.

XproHeli XP2 Quad Rotor

XproHeli , which is based in Bend, Oregon Its companion production company is Flick Five Films, which specializing in promotional, commercial, and documentary videos. The video production company was established in 1996, and the quad copter company went live last January. Sales have skyrocketed, and the company recently moved into a larger manufacturing facility in Bend. It provides parts, training, custom configurations, and advice to both novice and advanced users as well as selling its XP2 platform to videographers. 

XproHeli is owned by Hans Skjersaa, a Bend native, who started manufacturing and selling the XP2 when relying on other companies for aerial videography services proved unreliable. Unschooled in aerial videography before undertaking this endeavor, Skjersaa designed and built the XP2 quad from a videographer’s needs, not a hobbyist or a stunt flyer. A full year of research and product testing preceded release of the XP1 and eventually the current offering, the XP2. The choice of frame materials (laser cut milled aluminum), engines, speed controllers and props (powerful, heavy lifting), landing gear (aluminum to cushion a hard landing), and camera platform (vibration reducing rubber dampers) were made to maximize capturing useable video from the sky. 

The XP2 quad aerial supports ten (10) minute fly times with a three hundred yard (300) yard range. An earlier XP1’s camera platform was redesigned for the XP2 to minimize vibration using a unique rubber dampening system. It will mount GoPro HD, Contour Hero, or Sony NEX 5N cams.

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