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NAB 2013 - 360 Hero's

Posted by Rakesh Singh on

    I had the pleasure of attending NAB 2013 with my associate Bill from Snake River Prototyping.  Vegas is Vegas, spend cash and eat a lot of high calorie foods.  Nanuk cases were there with a great product line, which I feel is far more superior to Pelican or Caseman.  Pleasure meeting Kimberly at Photohigher with his awesome gimbal systems.  The primary reason we were there was the unveiling of 360 Hero Systems.

  For those on a budget, 360 Hero‘s has a mounting system and software for the GoPro camera that will allow you to capture 360 video.  While there are a few different solutions out there, this may be the only one that was created by being printed on a 3D printer!

Michael Kintner the CEO & Founder of 360 Hero's is a great guy and surrounded by some great people, Thomas Hayden handles Sales/Business Development side, here is a video explaining his technology.

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