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FOV Comparison in a DJI Phantom GPS Hover

Posted by Rakesh Singh on

Published by SRP Field Tester Marty on May 22, 2013 - Subscribe to his channel @

I wanted to do a quick comparison of all the video mode options on the hero3 black, and see how they worked in an aerial shot. I then figured I may as well make a quick edit for here as others may be interested to see the results too.

Comparing all the video modes in the GoPro hero 3 black edition camera, using regular auto mode with protune off and also on (protune on cam raw white balance option) graded and as it comes from the camera. This is to show relative FOV's in each mode and also showing auto vs protune with and without grading.

This was filmed using a DJI phantom in a GPS atti hover, the modes where changed using the GoPro app on my android phone and I needed 2 consecutive flights to go through all these modes, as it hovers for just over 10 minutes per battery and changing modes and recording 20 sec clips with all the options I tested takes quite a while. This worked fine at this altitude and I had live preview available in the modes that support it while recording.

The Phantom has a VGE anti jello mount and SRP Blurfix3 filter adapter with a marumi 58mm ND4 filter to avoid jello. There is a bit of shake but that's simply due to the Phantoms GPS mode in a slight breeze keeping it in one place without me needing to worry about keeping it in the air. The mount and filter helps to pretty much avoid jello in each mode tested here without these in this light jello is quite an issue with the phantom and hero3 black.

The Protune Raw modes are just the original protune MP4 files as they come from the camera, this is the same with the protune off with nothing done to the image in the video. The protune on graded shots have all been converted to cineform AVI and graded to get a natural look and also a slight vignette for effect.

I have shown all modes scaled to fit the 1080p frame and also 100% crops inside the 1080p window. Clips arent very long as I wanted to limit the total length of the video and also as I only took 20 second clips in each mode trying to get them all done in the minimum amount of flights to get similar conditions for all modes in as close a possible same angle and altitude.

Altitude was at about 10m above the ground and I kept it at this height to ensure I kept the WiFi connection to my phone stable and so I could easily monitor the Phantom's battery level and avoid running out at a high altitude causing a heavy landing. ;)

DJI Phantom retro fitted with an SRP 52mm ND8 Filter to cut out some of the jello effect.

SRP will publish a comparison video with or without filter comparison very soon.

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