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Raw XPG Brushless Gimbal Test Footage with GoPro Hero3

Posted by Rakesh Singh on



The XproHeli XPG brushless gimbal is a versatile handheld or aerial GoPro camera stabilization system designed to capture stunningly smooth video.




The XPG allows the aerial video enthusiast to capture great footage regardless of the weather conditions or the skill level of the pilot.

Our quest to develop the "ultimate" gimbal stabilization system  came after months of designing, prototyping, and re-designing. We finally came up with the XPG - A multifunction brushless gimbal system. The XPG is compatible with several popular multirotor platforms and has optional mounting accessories for use on bikes, cars and hand held work. 

No programming is required. New XPG users will own a product that delivers smooth camera action right out of the box. Best of all, it's affordable with an anticipated MSRP of $399. 




What is the XProHeli XPG?

The XPG is a self stabilizing two-axis brushless gimbal that is used to achieve extremely smooth camera motions. It is an easy to use device that eliminates shaky video and allows handheld users or RC pilots to capture very stable video with relative ease. 


What's so cool and different about it?

What makes the XPG so cool is that it is versatile and has the capabilities to allow anyone to capture amazing smooth video footage. The XPG's mounting accessories are compatible with all existing GoPro mounting solutions, so users can take the XPG and mount it almost anywhere. 




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