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XPG Brushless Gimbal Footage with GoPro Hero3

Posted by Rakesh Singh on

We are currently testing and fine tuning the new XPG Brushless Gimbal for the GoPro Hero. Use as a handheld steadycam or mount to any multirotor like the DJI Phantom or XP2 Quadcotper. 

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This is some raw footage Jared shot at in Pacific City, Oregon with the new XPG Gimbal, GoPro Hero3 and XP2 Quadcopter. No other color correction or post stabilization was used. 

XProHeli is making aerial video and photography accessible to every filmmaker and photographer thanks to XproHeli's XP2 Quadcopter. The XP2 is a RTF (ready to fly) multirotor platform capable of lifting recording devises like the GoPro or Sony Nex-5r. Helicopters and expensive productions shoots are a thing of the past. We've got quite a selection of accessories and spare parts such as FPV (first person video), extra batteries, props, frames, etc. Grab the XP2 and take your work to New Heights!








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