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Introducing the BlurFix3+ and BlurFix3/3+ holder by SRP for the GoPro Hero3+

Posted by Rakesh Singh on

Snake River Prototyping is proud to announce the most versatile BlurFix adapter for the GoPro to date! The new BlurFix3+ 55 is compatible with the GoPro Hero3+ standard housing and accepts 55 mm filters. We are happy to say that the BlurFix3+ is backwards compatible, so our customers can continue using their favorite filters from the Original BlurFix (Hero and Hero2) and the BlurFix3 SO (Hero3 slip over for the Hero3 Backpack Compatible Housing). This newest adapter will ship in two configurations:

• BlurFix3+ 55
• BlurFix3+ 55 with URPro CYD 



The BlurFix3+ 55 integrates the best features of the original BlurFix (Hero and Hero2) and the BlurFix3 SO (Hero3 slip over). These features include the convenience of a slip-over adapter and the option to create a sealed space between the filter and housing lens. The BlurFix3+ 55 allows for wet filter operation just like the BlurFix3 SO, however, now you have the option of using one of the supplied o-rings to create a sealed space between the housing lens and the filter when used with standard 55 mm camera filters. The benefit of having the option of a sealed unit is that the user does not have to worry about water, snow, dust, or debris getting trapped between the housing and the filter! In addition to air, this design allows liquids to be sealed internally. Use of liquids such as alcohol sealed internally will ensure it doesn't freeze, and will eliminate any chance of condensation or fogging between lenses. This patent pending sealing mechanism creates a vacuum with air, or hydraulics with liquids, making a very secure hold on the adapter reducing the risk of accidental loss. A lanyard is included and an attachment point is located on the side of the adapter giving reassurance and convenience during use. When sealing the unit with air, one needs to be aware that it must be sealed in a dry, non-humid place or fogging may occur. We provide 3 different size o-rings for your convenience to seal with many filter manufacturers products. Not all filter manufacturers maintain the same spacing and dimensions. We hope to build a list of compatible filter types as we progress.

We designed this unit with divers in mind. Use without the front o-ring will expose two vent ports top and bottom allowing the cavity to purge creating a wet filter. These vents allow easy installation and removal both on land and underwater. The sealed method with air is not for use while diving, however the seal with liquid method may be used while diving. The sealed option of the BlurFix3+ 55 is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, wake boarding, surfing, humid environments, adverse weather conditions and so much more. We are proud to release this new BlurFix adapter as another first, further expanding the use of filters on your GoPro. We are excited to see what creative liquids our customers use for developing new effects. 

In addition to the new BlurFix3+ 55mm adapter, we have a new accessory. The BlurFix3/3+ holder allows you to store the filter on a Tray or anything you can bolt a 1/4" bolt through with the provided thumb screws or 1/4-20 fasteners. The beauty behind this design is one side holds the BlurFix3 SO (compatible with the Hero3 standard housing) and the other side holds the BlurFix3+ (compatible with the new Hero3+ standard housing). 

Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix3+ 55mm with URPro CYD (includes BlurFix3+ 55, URPro CYD, lanyard, rear o-ring, and 3 sizes of o-rings for the option of completely sealing the unit). The URPro CYD is not to be sealed, it is designed to be a "wet filter" having water on both sides.




Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix3+ 55mm (includes BlurFix3+ 55mm, lanyard, rear o-ring, and 3 sizes of o-rings for the option of completely sealing the unit)



Introducing the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix Holder. (includes BlurFix holder, two 1/4-20 thumb screws for mounting.) Compatible with the Hero3 and the new Hero3+.



Products will be avaliable Nov 8, 2013 @

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