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Aerial Photography

We are a unique aerial photography service firm looking to take on new clients. We specialize in low-altitude high definition 1080P HD video filming utilizing a cutting edge remote controlled aerial platform. This allows us to offer breathtaking images and videos of properties from unique angles that are unattainable by traditional photography methods - sure to impress your clients.
Our competitive advantage is our customer-driven approach to obtaining the most impressive aerial video possible. Our technology allows you to be the director: to not only see in real-time exactly what is being captured, but to also to guide us to film the features of the property that are most important to you. We possess a combination of colour correction filter solutions, camera stabilization technology and skillset that defines us in the industry, allowing us to capture true life like video and colours, maximizing image and lighting quality.
Our team has a wealth of experience in the areas of engineering, marketing, photography and radio controlled models. We offer competitive pricing and customized service. We think our service would be of great benefit to your business. We offer post-production and in-house editing services, time lapse and still photography, and a variety of aerial video capture techniques.
We offer free consultation and RFQ's within 3 business days, we would be happy to discuss any ideas and special requests you may have.
Through our services, you are able to immerse your clients in a full high-definition experience of your property, and a creative competitive advantage for your business.
Sample footage, still images and our portfolio is available on request.
We look forward to hearing from you,



Racko Singh
CEO & President
David Bendea
Director of Aerial Photography