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BlurFix3+ 55 For the GoPro Hero 3+ & Hero 4 Camera's

$ 39.99

For the GoPro Hero 3+ & Hero 4 camera's only!

The BlurFix3+ 55 is our best filter adapter for a GoPro® camera yet!  This 55 mm filter adapter for the Hero3+ standard housing takes the best features of the BlurFix3 SO (slip-over adapater for the Hero3 housing) and the original BlurFix (for the Hero and Hero2 standard housing).  The BlurFix3+ 55 combines the easy installation and removal features of a slip-over adapter with the ability to create a completely sealed space between the camera housing and the filter.  The BlurFix3+ 55 can be used in three configurations:

  • Unsealed
  • Sealed/air filled
  • Sealed/liquid filled

The BlurFix3+ 55 has the following features:

  • Slips over the GoPro® Hero3+ housing or Hero 4 
  • Adapts 55 mm filters to your camera
  • Precision CNC machined Delrin® frame
  • For above water applications, the area between te camera and filter* can be sealed against dirt, water, and snow intrusion using the supplied o-rings**. 

* Compatible with the new Hero 4 camera's 


* This statement refers to the use of 55 mm filters other than the CYD filter like ciular polarizer and neutral density filters.

** A seal may not form wih all filter makes and models.


To learn more about these configurations visit the BlurFix3+ 55 instructions page.