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Blurfix 52mm Adapter & Marumi ND-8 MC Filter

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* Tired of the Jello from your GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 on the DJI Phantom, or any other Drone?


Note - *52mm Adapter included while supplies last


Adapter may be purchased here:

Blurfix 3.0 Micro 52mm Adapter for GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+, and the Hero 4

This filter will help reduce a great deal of the jello by reducing the artifacts caused by the rolling shutter in the GoPro camera.

Great for video, still, digital and photos. They have four main uses: 1. Enables slower shutter speeds to be used. To display movement instead of freezing motion. Example, creative waterfall shots. 2. Decreases depth of field. Effecively blurring the background. 3. Reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor, but with no affect on color balance. Reduces light intensity, (sunshine, snow etc). 4. Allow video cameras to operate in bright light


Marumi Neutral Density Filter Multicoated


Reduction of light without impaired colours

Excellent workmanship

Produced by CVD-process

High quality filter


This ND-Filter reduces light of all colours and wavelengths equally without deficit in colour reproduction. It prolongs the exposure time. E.g. from 1/15 to 1/8. This facilitates to take pictures with time exposure even in bright light.

ND filters will allow you to use longer shutter speeds by reducing the amount of light entering the lens to give moving water the silky look. This is especially helpful on bright days. Another advantage is they also allow you to use larger apertures on bright days to give a smaller DOF to isolate your subject from the background (the blurred background effect).


Technical Details:
The filters of Marumi posses a high quality. There are produced by the CVD-process (chemical vapour deposition). This process effects that even complex surfaces are coated equable.


Marumi is one the leading manufacturers for filters and is appreciated by professional photographers for the high quality of the filter glasses and the premium workmanship.

NEO Multi-Coated Neutral Densc

ND 8 Exposure Factor: 8 (3 F-Stops)

Filters reduce the volume of light without affecting whole color tones.

And, due to reduced exposure value, you can make full use of the "Slow Shuttering". 

It brings fluidity to your photographs.

Metal, double threaded frame to allow additional filters or hoods.

Made in Japan 

For use with the SRP Micro 52mm only!

Without the housing for lightweight application (i.e. RC multi-rotor & aircraft)


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