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Blurfix 52mm Adapter & Marumi Super DHG Circular Polarizer Filter Bundle

$ 89.99 $ 69.99

*Note - 52mm Adapter included.  While supplies last!


Adapter may be purchased here: 3 and Hero 3+, Hero 4 Camera's!


  • Pro quality filter
  • Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection
  • Low profile: Just 5mm high
  • Made in Japan.
  • Hard protection: Coating guards from scratches.


DHG Super Multi-coated CPL. Pro quality filter. Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection off internal CCD & CMOS sensors. Multicoated (6 coatings) optical glass filter. Hard protection: Coating guards from scratches. Water & Oil Repellant: Water, oil and fingerprints simply wipe off. Antifouling: Easy clean coating. Black rim: Edge treated with black ink to eliminate reflections  Low profile: Just 5mm high (not inc rear threads). Great for Wide angle lenses, no vignetting. Non-reflective metal frame eliminates reflections. Metal, double threaded frame to allow additional filters or hoods. A Circular Polarizer (polariser) creates contrast between blue sky and cloud for dramatic deep blue skies. Cuts glare off reflected surfaces such as water. Rotates for different effects. Brand new in package


52 mm Marumi Digital High Grade (DHG) Circular Polarizer Filter.  This filter is intended for use with the BlurFix3 Micro 52 adapter.  A circular polarizer will add more contrast to clouds and make the sky appear more blue on bright washed out days.  A polarizer is best know for its ability to reduce glare.  Use a CPL when filming reflective surfaces whether that be water, a car's windshield, or ice.


Consider using this filter if you are filming the following sports:


  • Fishing
  • Snow sports
  • Paragliding
  • Motorsports 



    Tip:  To adjust the filter to the desired polarization, hold the filter up between you and your subject.  While looking through the filter, turn the adjustment ring until the desired polarization is obtained.  Make a note at where the letters on the filter ring are with respect to straight up. After installing the filter on your camera, turn the ring to the position you noted.