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$ 199.99

Designed for developers with special applications, our Modulus Sensor Housing provides protection and infinite lens mounting options for the GoPro Hero4 image sensor when removed from the camera. Use the included 12″ sensor extension ribbon to place the image sensor away from the camera body. The sensor housing can be mounted on any standard 1/4″- 20 mounting point using the included mounting bracket. Two back plates are provided for maximum flexibility – with two sensor housings you can use alternate back plates to mount them directly back-to-back for the smallest amount of parallax possible. Sensors can also be mounted back-to-back with an offset of 90°: one sensor in landscape and the other in portrait orientation. This allows high frame rate shooting in 16:9 modes without losing the ability to stitch a full 4K resolution* 360° video with only two cameras. The module can be configured so that the ribbon connector comes out the back, top, bottom or right/left side. Bundle this housing with a Ribcage Mod Kit for maximum usability! Note: This product is designed for advanced users.